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The articles in this issue have been divided upinto the following categories







- A Pathan asking for information on the common history and traditions of Jews and Pathans more

- Interesting facts about Iraq's social, educational and political rehabilitation more

- A reader asking for help regarding the Montefiore family tree more

- A letter of appriciation from a reader in the U.S more

- Iraqi songwriter-composer, in search of old Iraqi music more

- A letter to Lord Janner concerning the new legislation against religious discrimination, and a reply more

- A Muslim reader about the 1969 Baghdad Hangings more

- A reply to the above letter by the nephew of Jacob Namerdi, who was killed that day more

- Dangoor connections: a letter from Mary Avissar more

- A clarification about the words of Jesus to the Good Samaritans more

- Information on the Crypto Jewish Saudi family who went to London several years ago more

- Recent photographs taken by a reader at the Shorja area in Baghdad more

- About the David Michael and Joseph Rahamin Michael history more

- A response from a Pathan reader more

- A reader researching the 'Sa'eed' Family in Baghdad, detailed information and a request for more information more

- 'Understanding the Aleph Beis' a book about to be published by D. Letiner more

- The Jerusalem Fund writes to Mr Dangoor and a reply more

- About Daniel Khazzoom's memoirs book titled 'ACROSS THREE WORLDS: In Search of a Homeland - Iraq, Israel, US' more

- A letter from a Muslim Iraqi reader and his views on the Jews of Iraq more

- A letter from Francis Mocatta, concerning the Dangoor scholarships more

- Mordechai Ben Porat writes about the founding of a world organization of Iraqi Jewry more

- The Al-Ghubbanchi First International Festival in Sulaymania, North Iraq, where hundreds of Theorists, Musicians, and Iraqi Makkam Pioneers would attend more

- George and Annette Steiner write to Mr. Dangoor, mentioning both his acholarship program and theirs more

- A letter from a Brazilian reader of the Horesh family more

- Can the Israelis and the Palestinians form a federal government between them? more

- A complete package of recordings of the Torah, including the Passover Haggadah, all done in a complete and modern reading, available via Rabbi Dashtt. All profit goes to the educational project of the Yeshiva more

- A thank you letter from a mother of 3, who started her Psychology studies this year with the help of the Dangoor Scholarships more

- A complete set of audio recordings of the Torah including the Passover Haggada, all read according to Iraqi tradition, available for order, from the 'Shaarei Hinuch Yeshiva' more

- A letter of condolences, following the passing of Mr. Meir Basri more

- A letter sent from Iraq in the praise of Iraq's Beauty Queen 1947 and of that period more

- A Spanish citizen expressing his opinion on Europe's crimes against the Jews, and on Muslims in Europe more

- Pro. Shmuel Moreh's guide suggestions to the Dangoor Scholarships program in Bar-Ilan University more

- A letter to Mr. David Cameron, head of the opposition, and his reply, concerning the distribution of wealth and the monetary system more

- Another letter by Shmuel Moreh about Mr. and Mrs. Dangoor's cultural and charitable activities more

- A letter from a Pshtoon reader about the relation between Pashtoo & Aramaic more

- A thank you letter from a recipient of a Dangoor Scholarship more

- A British professor has refused a request to write an article for an academic journal funded by Israeli universities. Views by a reader following the the Dangoor Scholarships more

- The Scribe has put in touch an Australian fimmaker with one of our readers in Baghdad regarding a research about Iraqi Music more

- A letter to the Rabbi from Naim Dangoor- Elisha Ben Avuyah and a Passover story on Rabbi Meir Baalhanness more

- A letter of gratitude from the Library of Congress on acceptance of 25 items from The Scribe more

- A full length picture of Mrs Renee Dangoor as Miss Baghdad 1947 sent by a reader more

- Naim Dangoor writes to The Three Faiths Forum more

- About an article in The Scribe 72, regarding the location of Babel more

- Congratulating Dr.Dangoor on his OBE and of his exchange with the Queen more

- Britain's Gift from Mr. Naim Dangoor, a thank you letter regarding the Dangoor Scholarships more

-A keen Baghdadi reader, interested in the audio recordings on The Scribe website more

-What the Jews chose to take with them when they left Iraq. The Exilarch's Foundation correspondance with our Baghdadi reader, Iraqi Salaam and Babylonian Jewish Traditional musicologists more

-A question about the Exilarch's history of the Jewish princedom in Feudal France more

-Convergence and contrast in the music of the three Abrahamic faiths. A multi-faith music event to take place on January at St. George's House, Windsor Castle more

Naim Mahlab from Montreal writes about the Jewish Princedom of France, originating from Baghdad more

The granddaughter of M. Myers, who was a Sephardic Jew in Shanghai during the Sassoon and Hardoon period, writes about his decendents more

British Friends of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz write to Mr Dangoor concerning the cooperation between Chinese and Jews including the publishing of the book 'Pirkei Avot' in Chinese more








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