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Dear Naim,

Wow that's truly impressive and immensely valuable work. I had no idea you were helping outside the community to such an extent with even "more scholarships to follow". I always think the L.S.E. rather left-wing but I love your other choices of universities.
What an enormous amount of charitable help you are giving to different causes and so beneficially it seems to me. So much money gets lost in the cost of its administration and distribution whereas your funds seem to go more directly to where they are needed. It must be hugely satisfying to be able to do this in life on such a scale, giving a helping hand to thousands of young people to make for a better world.
I very much hope your good work will be recognized as it has been for many for less. I go to the Palace in a few weeks for Michael Kadoorie's investiture whose generosity has been honoured.

With all good wishes,

Francis Mocatta













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