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A link to Noah's Ark on the web- A detailed guide to Noah's Ark in art, religion and culture. Includes over 450 resources, 250 websites and 200 pictures- and covers the story from every religious angle, from Judaism and Islam, to all varieties of Christianity more

Abraham’s Mission to Pharaoh - reading between the lines of history- An article by Naim Dangoor about Abraham and Sarah's visit to Egypt, the Alphabet and the birth of Isaac more

Rabbi Adler and the birth of King Edward VII- A story of how Rabbi Adler saved the Queen in a crisis and later became the Chief Rabbi of the British Empire more

John Adams, the second President of the United States in a quote from a letter concerning his views on the Jewish nation more

Flora Moses, grandmother of Renee Dangoor- A photo taken in Shanghai, 1930 more

The Exilarch Biography- A link to an extensive website about the history of the Exilarch. Headings include the holders of the office, development and organization, first historic mention, the Mar 'Ukbans, later traces, installation ceremonies and more

An article in Arabic about Mrs. Dangoor, 1947 Miss Baghdad more

The Iranian Ambassador receiving a scroll from Mr. Dangoor in a reception held in London, October 1971 more

The Ten Commandments more

In the perspective of Bible and History - By Abba Eban Since the Balfour Declaration was made, it has become customary to discern a mysterious likeness between the political happenings of that year and the proclamation of Cyrus, King of Persia, which heralded the Return to Zion and the establishment of the Second Jewish Commonwealth more

Sir Philip Sasoon's home as painted by Winston Churchil more

The history of the Jews in Kuwait and the brothers Daoud and Saleh al-Kuwaiti more










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