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If I were the Mashiyah- Naim Dangoor was asked by an American newspaper if he was the Mashiyah. He replied he wasn't but writes about what he would do if he was. From abolishing Passover and the lunar calendar to allowing inter-marriage and uniting around the seven day week more

About suicide bombers in Europe and Israel more

Faith and reason- Comment by Mr. Dangoor more

Middle East Confederation - Federalism in Iraq and in the Middle East as a method of satisfying the aspirations of various ethnic groups in the country and the whole region more

Jerusalem- The Temple Mount, Al Aqsa and multiple faith co-existence more

Money today is a promise to pay the central bank- Mr. Dangoor's views and reform suggestion, as well as Chancellor Gordon Brown subsequent actions more

The Date of Birth of Jesus- As founder of Christianity, shouldn't have the birth of Jesus been honoured by making it the first day of the year? more

Jews Are The True Muslims- While founder of Judaism was Moses and founder of Christianity was Jesus, the father of Islam was not Mohammad but Abraham. An article by Mr. Naim Dangoor more

Brief biography notes by Mr Naim Dangoor more

Why shouldn't one "shovel" up peas in the curve of the fork? A quote from the book "Modern Etiquette" more

In the first chapter of genesis, God tells mankind: "Peru urbu…werdu" "Be fruitful and multiply…". What does Werdu means? more

The Holocaust and the Chosen People Thoughts by Naim Dangoor more










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