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Taken from the book "Modern Etiquette" by Agnes M. Miall

Pearson, London, 1950

Why shouldn't one "shovel" up peas in the curve of the fork? It is so much easier then the regulation method of prodding them laboriously on the prongs. But try both ways while watching yourself in the mirror and you will soon see why the second is more considerate. Pronging up peas with your fork held curve downwards keeps your arm well into your side, whereas "shovelling" as though a fork were a spoon, turns your left elbow horizontally outwards, so that is takes up a lot of room. This may not matter if you are feeding at home or at a restaurant with a whole table, or one side of one, to yourself. But picture the same expensive movement at a public dinner where people have to be served close together, and you will realise why the "shoveller" is unpopular both with neighbours and waitresses!






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