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Memories of Eden - By Violette Shamash a vibrant and colourful tale of Jewish life in Baghdad from just after the turn of the 20th Century more

Understanding The Alef-Beis - By Dovid Leitner An understanding of the Alef-Beis that explores the variety of ways the Hebrew alphabet can be used to extract additional meaning and understanding from scriptural texts more

'The Star and Baghdad Scimitar' a new book by Tova Murad Sadka telling the story of a widowed Jewish singer in Iraq during the 40s through the70s more

Two Worlds- written by Lucien Gubbay, this book tells the story of the Jewish families who left the decaying Islamic world to find a new world in Europe and the Americas, plus a focus on the descendents Gubbay more

DNA & Tradition- The Genetic Link to the Ancient Hebrews. A book by Rabbi Yaakov Kleiman more

The Sephardim of Manchester By Lydia Collins more

"Rose Water" a book by Shmuel Aviezer, once reviewed in the scribe and now published in English, the book illustrates a vivid picture of the Jewish life in Baghdad and Basra prior to the immigration of the Jews to Israel in 1950-51 more

The Jewish Woman in Baghdad about the social status of the Jewish woman in Baghdad more













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