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About the right to vote in Iraq from Haaretz newspaper more

The Dangoor Scholarships 1000 students in leading universities in the UK will be given fresh opportunity by the newly created Dangoor Scholarships more

Members of Russell Holdings Ltd. at the meeting of sale of the Gardenia Club, The Iraqi Jewish Community Centre more

An announcement on the Daily Telegraph regarding the Dangoor Scholarships from the 22nd of October more

University of East Anglia's press release announcing the distribution of 65 Dangoor scholarships more

The Controversial Bill to outlaw incitement to religious hatred had its second hearing in the House of Lords. Lord Haskel's Response more

An article in 'The Courier' about Mr. Dangoor and the Dangoor Scholaships more

An article in 'The Guardian' about the Dangoor Scholaships for St. Andrews University more

Date palm buds after 2,000 years researchers have succeeded in growing a date palm from a 2,000-year-old seed more

New Red Cross logo paves way for Israel to join
Delegates OK ‘red crystal’ emblem, resolving Israeli objections to red cross more

Hchnasat Sefer Torah to the Dangoor Synagogue more

Rabbi Kadouri Dies at 106 about the Rabbi's life and influance both in politics and the private sector more

In Defence of the Jews Arab-American Psychologist Wafa Sultan speaks about the 'clash of civilisations' the Jews and the Arabs and their cultural differences more

The new entrance to the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Centre more

An article in the Jewish Chronicle about The Dangoor Scholarships for Bar Ilan University more

Doctorates Naim Dangoor has received from Prof. Moshe Kaveh, President of the Bar Ilan University more

Bar Ilan University thanks Mr. Dangoor on the front page of the Jerusalem Post more

Bar Ilan University solutes its Honorary Doctorate recipients more

Najwa Karam sings at the Royal Albert Hall, Saturday, 8th July 2006 more

About the Exilarch's Foundation from The Guardian more

New Red Cross symbol approved more

An article in Ynet Israel (Yediot Aharonot) about the Queen's OBE to Mr Dangoor and other members of the Jewish Community more

Writer Says Britain Home Of Anti-Semitism
Britain is overwhelmed by anti-Semitism disguised as criticism of Israel, London newspaper columnist Melanie Phillips says in her book “Londonistan: How Britain Is Creating a Terror State Within.” “The fight against Israel is not fundamentally about land. It is about hatred of the Jews,” she says. more

An Israeli descendent of a Yugoslavian family has filed a law suit to get back his family's mansion, confiscated by the Nazis. Tracing his past through his great grandmother's diary, his journey to Serbia exposed his prominent family's past more

Center Revives Shanghai's Jewish History A new Jewish center has just opened in Shanghai, the first of its kind in China in 50 years. During the World War II, the city saved an estimated 30,000 Jewish lives by welcoming refugees fleeing the Nazis. But Shanghai's Jewish history has been all but forgotten there. Now, some are struggling to bring this chapter of the city's story back to life more

An article taken from the 'Mada' Newspaper in Baghdad, dated 9th July 2006, about Renee Dangoor, Beauty Queen of Iraq in 1947 more











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