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University Of Surrey:

14 June 2005


I am very pleased to be able to enclose a batch of 51 Dangoor Scholarship application forms from the University of Surrey, as one of the 1994 Group universities participating in your generous scholarship scheme for 2005 entrants into higher education.

The University of Surrey will be considering applications in three batches across the UCAS admissions cycle, and will be selecting them according to our widening participation criteria, putting forward applicants who show strong academic promise despite a background of financial or social disadvantage, and possibly with no previous history of family involvement in higher education. We are also expecting to submit two further batches to you at a later stage in the summer, but will not put forward in excess of 80 application forms in total.

Our first batch consists of 51 application forms, and we consider these to be of equal ranking according to our criteria, and subject to the eligibility condition that applicants are UK citizens, currently resident in England or Wales.

In putting these applications forward to you for your further consideration, we would advise that members of the 1994 Group intend and expect that the process of selecting successful applicants to the Dangoor Scheme will embody a commitment that applications are treated solely on the basis of their conformity to the criteria published about the scheme generally and by the relevant member institutions, and regardless of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, religious or political belief or affiliation, trade union membership, age, gender, gender reassignment, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, socio-economic background, or any other inappropriate distinction.

Yours faithfully

Catherine Ashbee
Assistant Register

From letters of appreciation:

Clarence House

14th November 2005

The Prince of Wales has asked me to thank you for sending him the information sheet about the Dangoor Scholarships.

His Royal Highness was very interested to read about the enormous number of students who have benefited from your wonderful philanthropic gesture, and has asked me to send you his heartfelt thanks and warmest good wishes.

James Kidner,
Deputy Private Secretary to TRH The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall

University of Exeter

"Thank you once more for your continued generosity and support of these worthy students".

Dr John Withrington
Student Recruitment and Admissions

University of St Andrews

"Thank you for your generosity, which has been appreciated by our new Dangoor Scholars".

Alex Rougvie
Associate Director of Admissions

Lancaster University

"On behalf of the University, I would like to express our gratitude for your generosity in funding this scheme and for the efficient and helpful fashion in which you responded to our proposals for the scholarship awards".

Paul Graves
Undergraduate Admissions Officer

Durham University

"Thank you very much for you email confirming that we can now give 60 Dangoor Scholarships to our students. We at Durham University are very grateful for your generosity. Some of the recipients of the Dangoor Scholarships have written to me to say thank you for the scholarship, and others have asked if they can send thank you letters to me to be forwarded on to you".

Mrs. Elisabeth Lovett
Head of Student Financial Support

University of Bath

"Once again we would like to thank you for your generosity in offering these awards, which profoundly improve our students' chances of academic success unhindered by financial worries".

Sue Garret
Admissions and Student Funding Adviser

The University of Warwick

Dear Mr. Dangoor,

We have received your generous gift of 60 Dangoor Scholarships at the University of Warwick. I believe that you will inspire others in your position to assist in higher education and I know that you have inspired the Dangoor Scholarship recipients. On behalf of the University, and particularly our students, thank you very much.

Many generations to come will remember the Dangoor scholarships, not only at Warwick but at the other 1994 Group Universities. Your donation will help our most talented students to best benefit from the education the University provides. Sources of funding for students are heavily stretched and your gift makes a real difference.

I would like to invite you to visit Warwick this year. It would provide an opportunity for you to meet the Warwick Dangoor Scholars and for Warwick to thank you properly. We would be honoured to have you as our guest.

Prof. David VandeLinde


The London School of Economics and Political Science


Dear Mr. Dangoor

We are grateful to the Exilarch's Foundation for your most generous gift of £39,000. This gift will support the Dangoor Scholarships for 39 first year students for the academic year 2005/6

For over a century at the heart of London, LSE has been teaching future leaders, shaping public policy debates and advancing knowledge across the whole range of the social sciences. We continue to be unrivalled in our international character and in the breadth of the social sciences which we teach and research.

On behalf of the staff and students of LSE, I thank you for showing your confidence and belief in us.

With best wishes and appreciation of your generosity,

Mary K Blair PhD
Director of development and Alumni Relations

Goldsmiths University of London


I am writing to acknowledge safe receipt of your cheque for £60,000| to cover the cost of the Dangoor Scholarships. On behalf of Goldsmiths and of the fortunate recipients of these awards, I would like to thank you for establishing this generous scheme. Over half of the students at Goldsmiths come from a background where the family income is less than £22,000, and I know that the prospect of receiving a Dangoor Scholarship is very important for many of our new recruits.

Given the impact the Dangoor Scholarships will have here, I hope you will be able to repeat the scheme and I know that Goldsmiths would be eager to participate.

Dr Philip Broadhead
Pro-Warden (Students)

University of Sussex

I have been informed that we have just received your generous gift of £59,000 as the University of Sussex share in the Dangoor Scholarship scheme. I wanted to thank you personally, and on behalf of the University, for your very kind support.

As well as being extremely grateful for your outstandingly generous gift at a very important time for the University, I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to meet you and your wonderful family, who have shown nothing but enlightenment, kindness and care for students. I am somewhat in awe of the fact that so many young people will benefit so greatly from a single gift.

I do hope to have the pleasure of seeing you again in the near future. In the meantime, my heartfelt thanks once again for your generous support.

Alsdair Smith
Vice Chancellor

University of Bath

Please find enclosed a letter from one of the recipients of a scholarship. We have had a number of emails expressing similar sentiments from other very grateful students:

I recently received notification that I had been allocated a Dangoor scholarship and I am writing to express my gratitude. This scholarship will be a great help to me in my first year at university. I can't wait to start my course and begin this new, exciting part of my life.

I think it is wonderful that Mr. Dangoor and his family continue to help new university students in financial difficulty, giving people like me the chance to fulfill their dreams. Maybe one day I will be able to do the same.

I would appreciate it if you could pass on this letter to Mr. Dangoor, and I would like to thank him and you for giving me this opportunity- I will certainly make the most of it!

Yours faithfully,
Gemma Brown

University of Essex

Dear Mr Dangoor,

I am writing to express sincere gratitude, on behalf of the University, for the generous donation of £59,000 to cover The Dangoor Scholarship received from the Exilarch's Foundation.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Ivor Crewe
Vice Chancellor


University of Essex

Dear Mr. Dangoor

Exeter University has informed me that I am to be a recipient of a £1000 scholarship for the year 2005/6 from the Dangoor Foundation. My greatest worry about university is the financial side and with my term-time starting tomorrow your generosity has greatly eased my worries for my first year. Thank you very much, it has made a huge difference to the start of my university career!

From Lord Tugendhat

I have just returned from a three week holiday in South America to be told of your extremely generous gift of £65,000 to the University of Bath as part of the Dangoor Scholarship Scheme. As Chancellor of the University I hasten to send you my warmest thanks for your wonderful generosity. Your support will make a significant difference, not only to the students who benefit from it, but also to the University as a whole.

In December I read with great interest of the launch of your Scholarship Scheme and the special reception held by the then Education Secretary, Charles Clarke, and Lord Attenborough. I was particularly struck by what you said about assisting the people of the country who have welcomed you. I think perhaps that I understand more clearly than many what you meant because I remember my own father's gratitude for the welcome he received when he came here from Austria after the First World War.

I would be very honoured if you would allow me to entertain you to lunch at the House of Lords as a small indication of my gratitude. I will ask my office to be in touch with yours during the next few days to see whether that might be possible. I know too that the University would be delighted if you could accept my invitation to allow your name to be inscribed on the Membership Role of the Chancellor's Circle which we invite our major donors to join.


Dear Mr Dangoor,

I would like to thank you for your extreme generosity in awarding me a scholarship. This money will be invaluable to me as I study here at Reading. I feel honoured that you decided to select me for this grant.

The extra money will be extremely beneficial in helping to cover accommodation costs. I also plan to use it to buy books for my main course of psychology and my subsidiary modules of linguistics and sociology, as well as paying for essential stationary. I believe that the scholarship will allow me to enjoy university life and hopefully reach my full potential, as I will have the funds to access both necessary and complementary books to aid me in my studies.

Yours sincerely,
Julie Connellan


Dear Mr Dangoor,

I am writing to you to express my sincere thanks for the Dangoor Scholarship I am in the process of being issued.

Having been volunteering in Tunisia for my gap year I value my learning immensely as I am truly aware of how lucky I am and what a great opportunity is being offered to me.

Lauren Eastley

University of Exeter


Dear Mr Dangoor,

I wanted to write and thank you personally for the generosity of spirit shown by Mr Naim Dangoor. On 12 October a reception was held for the sixty students joining Exeter who have benefitted from Dangoor Scholarships. As you will know, all of these students came from underprivileged backgrounds. Many of them will have been the first member of their family ever to progress to higher education: receiving these scholarships has made a real impact upon their decision to study at university, and I am grateful as a result.
I enclose a photograph taken at the ceremony as well as a Press Release, marking the event. Thank you once again on behalf of these students.

With best wishes

Professor Steve Smith


Dangoor Scholarships Help Exeter Students

Sixty new students at the University of Exeter have each received a £1,000 bursary thanks to the generosity of an Iraqi businessman who has made the UK his home.

Exeter's Vice-chancellor Professor Steve Smith said: 'Thanks to Naim Dangoor, 60 students have received financial assistance, enabling them to study at the University of Exeter. In keeping with Mr Dangoor's mission to help all students get a fresh start in life, these awards have been made to people who might not have thought of coming to university at all. Many will have come from families where there is no history of school leavers going on to higher education. This shows a wonderful generosity of spirits".

Mr Dangoor decided that all universities in the 1994 Group should receive scholarships to help incoming first year students. As a result, one thousand awards of £1000 each have been made this month. As one of the most popular universities in the UK, Exeter received about nine applications for every new undergraduate place this year. Competition for scholarships was tough, with the Dangoor family making the final decision on scholarship applications. The 1994 Group of universities are 16 research-led institutions of international standing.

A ceremony hosted by Professor Smith, was held on 12 October to celebrate the awards.



Royal Holloway University

I am writing to express my grateful thanks to you for your kind award to me of a scholarship to help me in this first year of university study at Royal Holloway, University of London.
My mother fled to this country after the Vietnam War, and has since rebuilt her life here. I was reading on the internet with intrigue about the work of your Exilarch Foundation. You certainly have a very impressive history, and I am fascinated by your generosity. You have a very similar history to my mother in that you came to this country, fleeing persecution. Since then you have become very successful and are involved in many charitable pursuits. I am the first person in the history of my mother's family to attend university, so I thank you for assisting me in my education.


Dear Mr. Dangoor,

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to you for the generous scholarship I have been awarded.

I have been waiting to go to University for over 10 years and can still hardly believe that I am finally a Psychology student. Apart from feeling a little old sometimes, I am thoroughly enjoying it. This degree will require a lot of effort and dedication, four years is a very long time to study, however to become a Psychologist will not only allow me to reach my personal goal, it will teach my 3 children that nothing is impossible if you work hard enough to attain it.

I have been able to buy all the reading material needed for the Psychology and Philosophy modules. It would not have been possible for me to buy all these various books had it not been for the Dangoor scholarship. I have to say that looking at all the books is quite frightening. I now also have the internet at home which had made a huge difference to my studies.

I am still finding my feet regarding my timetable and all the different buildings there are to find on such a large campus, but I'm sure that by the spring term I will have fully settled in. I'm just pleased to be studying on such a lovely campus.

Thank you once again Mr. Dangoor for your generosity.

Juanita Harfitt







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