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The Scribe Issue 78

Naim Dangoor, OBE

On the occasion of the Queen's 80th Birthday, Her Majesty has graciously conferred on Naim Dangoor the honour of Officer of the Order of the British Empire, in recognition of his work for the Jewish Community and for Education more


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Center Revives Shanghai's Jewish History A new Jewish center has just opened in Shanghai, the first of its kind in China in 50 years. During the World War II, the city saved an estimated 30,000 Jewish lives by welcoming refugees fleeing the Nazis. But Shanghai's Jewish history has been all but forgotten there. Now, some are struggling to bring this chapter of the city's story back to life more

The history of the Jews in Kuwait and the brothers Daoud and Saleh al-Kuwaiti more

In the perspective of Bible and History - By Abba Eban Since the Balfour Declaration was made, it has become customary to discern a mysterious likeness between the political happenings of that year and the proclamation of Cyrus, King of Persia, which heralded the Return to Zion and the establishment of the Second Jewish Commonwealth more

An Israeli descendent of a Yugoslavian family has filed a law suit to get back his family's mansion, confiscated by the Nazis. Tracing his past through his great grandmother's diary, his journey to Serbia exposed his prominent family's past more

The Destruction of Babylon An article telling the history of the city alongside the outcomes of the American invasion on the archeological wealth Iraq holds more

Over 750,000 hits by The Scribe readers since January! more

Jews Are The True Muslims- While founder of Judaism was Moses and founder of Christianity was Jesus, the father of Islam was not Mohammad but Abraham. An article by Mr. Naim Dangoor more







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