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Jews are the true Muslims

The word Islam is derived not from 'Salam', meaning peace (as some people think), but from the verb 'Haslama' meaning 'submitted' (to the will of Allah). The Koran reproduces the story of the 'Akeda' in which Abraham agreed to sacrifice his son as ordered by the almighty. Muslim theologists stress the distinction between submission to the will of Allah and surrendering to an enemy (Istislam).
While founder of Judaism was Moses and founder of Christianity was Jesus, the father of Islam was not Mohammad but Abraham. Islam is thus not the youngest of the three monotheistic faiths but according to the Koran, it is the oldest, the original, as well as the seal of The Prophets.

Jews are the true Muslims for despite the reoccurring vicissitudes throughout our history we remained faithful to our tradition and obedient to our creator. Our sages have been making a big mistake by telling us every time that our bad experiences are God's punishment for our sins. They fail to explain why the chosen people should suffer while other people live freely. Our sages tell us that the destruction of the First Temple was the result of idol worship, that the destruction of the second temple was the vein hatred among Jews, the Holocaust was because Jews did not put in Tefillin, the forget that they make Pharaoh, Haman and Hitler as God's partners. They portray our benevolent and merciful God as a petty tyrant.

The truth of the matter is that the Chosen People suffer for God the wickedness of mankind.

If "practise makes perfect" is a universal rule then it is safe to say that having granted mankind at the Creation a measure of free will , a degree of autonomy, god had no previous experience in human affairs.

At the end of the last Ice Age, some 9000 years ago, and the discovery of agriculture and thus the beginning of our present civilisation, God was horrified to notice the extent of violence on the face of the earth (which is still in evidence everywhere) and "repented" that he ever created mankind (Genesis 6:6). God tried various ways to remedy the problem but without success. In the end he decided to prepare for mankind a code of conduct, a Torah, to live by. The next thing we hear is that we became the chosen people. Israel was redeemed from slavery in Egypt and chosen at the moment of birth as a fledgling nation to the exclusion of other mighty powers.

In moments of relaxation, Rabbis debated this puzzle and came to the conclusion which has some foundation in historical tradition that before the Torah was offered to the Jewish people it was rejected by all other nations of the earth. (See Abraham's Mission to Pharaoh)

Apparently, the nations of the earth rejected the Torah when they read the small print. When it was offered to the Jews and were told that it was free they did not bother to read the small print. What was then in the small print that the nations of the earth did not like and the Jews did not bother to read? It was simply that the chosen people must suffer for God the wickedness of mankind.

I believe that monotheism was in fact started by Adam- discoverer of the white wheat in the Garden of Eden (in Aden where else?) and thus the inventor of agriculture and the starter of our civilisation. To make monotheism universal I suggest that we recognize Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad as God's missionaries promoting the knowledge of the One True God.





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