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I recently came across your website and the articles of the Baghdad Hangings. We are Moslems and of Indian origin and non Iraqis. We lived in Iraq for many happy years. Regrettably I cannot overcome this tragedy of the 27th Jan 1969 for my father was one of those hanged that day in main square Basra amongst two others on fictitious charges of espionage.

I remember very kindly Yacoub Gourji Namerdi, the BOAC clerk at Basra Airport. He was also martyred that day. We called him by the English name Jacob. Very kind man- full of laughter. And it was a pleasure to see him at the airport in Basra whenever I used to land there.

If you have a chance please pass my condolences to his family. And also to Selima Gabbay, as she was from Basra, she must have known us. Tell her that my father was from 'Beit Jeeta'. I have always yearned to share my grief with others who also lost their loved ones on that day.

May it never happen that people are persecuted for their creed or otherwise- living as a minority in terror as the Jewish community did in Iraq.

Abdul Razak













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