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In your article published in 'The Courier' you support the idea of a federal system for various ethnic groups of the Middle East. Do you believe that one day the Israelis and the Palestinians will form a federal government between them?


The idea of a federal system for the Middle East does not mean that two of the ethnic communities should form a federation between them, but they both should form part of a larger federation involving also other ethnic communities.
However, it is not impossible that one day Israelis and Palestinians will discover the benefit of working and cooperating together for their mutual benefit. At present, half the Palestinians speak Hebrew and half the Israelis speak Arabic. And it is very clear that both communities will find it very easy to communicate. Germany and France fought many bloody wars against each other but in the end they found out that cooperation and union is the best way forward.

Moreover, the personality and beliefs of Abraham can be a uniting factor for all the nations of the region. A new ultra modern federal capitol can be planned and established in the centre of the region. What better name can this capitol have then that of 'Abraham'?












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