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With reference to the inquiry made by this lady about a Jewish Princedom in France, I am wondering
if this is related to the following:

Haroon Al Rasheed, the Abbaside Caliph of Baghdad, wanted to send an embassy to the Emperor
Charlemagne. He chose a Prince from the Exilarch's family by the name of Isaac to be the Head of the
delegation. They travelled across Europe and presented themselves to the Frankish Emperor and delivered whatever messages and gifts the Caliph had sent.
We are told that Charlemagne was so impressed with the Prince Isaac, that he offered him land in Provence and invited him and the members of his delegation to settle there.
Some accepted the offer, and this may be the origin of the Jewish Princedom of France.
There are no records of how long the Princedom lasted. I must add here that Charlemagne had not yet adopted the Christian Faith, and was not under the influence of the Church which was not so well disposed towards the Jews.

Naim S. Mahlab


The Princedom was in Narbon, South Eastern France.





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