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This is a picture of Renee Dangoor, Beauty Queen of Iraq in 1947 !
Imagine Iraq 60 years ago being enriched by beauty! Imagine a country that had the time and the mood to produce a Beauty Queen despite the circumstances of the forties which we believed were primitive!The beautiful Iraq whose picture had been obliterated and taken back to pre-historic times, was in the forties a rose longing for a beautiful life, and wanted to grow into a new epoch not restrained by the social chains nor by the backward imagination that used to be rife at the time in a society that every time they wanted to enclose it, would break the circle and reappear grasping the trees, the birds, the olives, the pollen, the dates and the oranges.

Renee Dangoor is a beautiful Iraqi woman that burst out from that far away period and appeared to us through that archival picture as if to remind us that beauty is our last resort to end that humiliating
political and ethnic conflict..

For sure by beauty we can conquer and march to a more beautiful life.. By beauty alone we can walk to the spacious gardens of the world.. This beautiful that left her mark until now, was beautified by the Tigris and her femininity matured by the Euphrates and time kept her to be a witness for a bygone era, but it was an era that had a lot of innocence, youth and looking forward to a bright future..

Our families used to "Baghdadize" despite their simple life at the time... But time has betrayed them today, as Baghdad is no longer the City of Peace ( Dar-el-Salam), but it is inhabited by terrorists:
enemies of beauty, life and humanity...

Baghdad that is surrounded by bombs, bullets, killers, criminals, snatchers, spies and traitors,
waking up every morning by the roars of death.

Abou Jenoub- Scribe reader in Baghdad




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