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Dear Mr. & Mrs. Dangoor,

How are you? I am very pleased to receive your e-mail about the agreement for scholarship with Bar-Ilan University. I am more pleased that you are going to do the same with the Hebrew University. As a former Professor at Bar-Ilan University from 1971-2003 and the way they have treated lecturers and Students of Sephardic and especially of Iraqi origin (I am saying that with full responsibility), that such treatment didn't add any honor to the name of Bar-Ilan University, especially not to its Arabic Department. In order to have the best results of your generous scholarships, I would like to suggest the followings:

1. To stipulate that your scholarships should be given only to Student of Iraqi origin since they are the most needed students for support. (All the Chairs and scholarships given by Western donors are given only to western Profs. & students)

2. The scholarships on the name of the Dangoors are to be given to those students of Iraqi Origin who are working for MA and PhD. mainly on Iraqi Jewish history (a1l periods, especially the medieval and modern), as well as those who are studying Natural sciences, as Medicine, Chemistry, physics, etc.

3. The scholarship of 10,000 Shekel per year should be given to a limited number of 10 to 20 students each year, for MA & PhD. students of Iraqi origin for periods between 2-4 years until they receive their degrees.

4. It is of great importance that the scholarships be connected with the research programs of the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center for Research and Museum. This Center and its Museum is doing very important work in research and in preserving the Iraqi Jewish Heritage in all periods and aspects.

5. In order to achieve the best results of the scholarships, an Academic Committee must be formed. The duty of this Committee should be to select the best student who deserve such a scholarship. The members of such a committee should be consisting of members of the Academic staff of Bar-Ilan University and the Academic Council at the Babylonian Heritage Center for Research and Museum which I chair. Many members of this Council are also Professors at Bar-Ilan University, such as Prof. Shaul Regev, Prof. Mosheh Gat, Dr. Lylian Dabbi-Goory, Dr. Sigal Goorjy who are all of Jewish Iraqi Origin. Other members of this Council who are not of Iraqi origin are Dr. David Doron and Prof. Eliezer Bashan and they teach at the Bar-Ilan University, should be members of this Committee.

6. The Committee should have the right to suggest the topics of MA and PhD. thesis which the Babylonian Jewry Center and Museum find them most suitable for research, and according to the documents and bibliographies available in the library of the Center and Bar-Ilan University and the demands of modern research.

I will be very glad to help in this important project which, as I can see, it has a revolutionary effect on the future of the Jewish students from Iraq and on the Israeli society as a whole. I would suggest that these recommendations should be applied also on your agreement with the Hebrew University which I find the most suitable for your purposes.

I am proud of your precious contribution to the future of Israel and the Jewish people all over the World.

Wishing you all the best of health and success,

Yours always,

Prof. Shmuel Moreh



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