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Dear Mr. Dangoor,

I am just an ordinary layman Iraqi who stumbled by chance, some years ago, onto your great web site ''The scribe" I kept frequenting your site and have always wanted to write to you. I come from Baghdad and am a Muslim. I have been living abroad since the year 2000. I do not belong to any political party and do not like politics, just working hard to earn a living and make ends meet in this life.

Ever since I was young I heard from my late father, and a good few respectable people I knew, fond stories of the Iraqi Jews and Iraq's Jewish community that once used to be one of the precious jewels studding the beautiful Iraqi mosaic. I grew to love Jews, especially Iraqi Jews and grew to lament the loss of our precious Jewish community, which included many a great contributors to old and modern Iraq, in all fields of life and creativity. I was lucky enough to meet, albeit very briefly, some Iraqi Jews abroad and have seen how tears well in their eyes with the mere mention of the word Iraq. I watched with tearful eyes the great movie ''Forget Baghdad'' and was so moved by it. I read whatever I could muster of the writings of the great Iraqi writer, Sameer Naqqash, and cried with bitter tears upon hearing news of his death. There is a Smaeer Naqqash in each of us and the paradise he lost is very much the paradise we lost.

Why am I writing this a-mail to you? I just wish to show solidarity with the Iraqi Jews and wish to assure you that contrary to the widespread stereotypes and clichés- the great majority of Iraqis, especially the enlightened ones, are not pathological rabid anti-Semitic or hateful of Jews. I dare say that the truth is exactly to the contrary, many people I knows and not only myself, are very sympathetic and lament the loss of our Iraqi Jewish community- in well known very tragic circumstances- and wish to see one day our brethren back in their Iraqi homeland of more than two and a half millenniums. Yes sir, despite all the bad times our country is going through, righteous people still love you and wish you well. I feel Iraqi Jews are special and wish to earn the honour to be a good life-long friend of their community.

I wish you, your excellent on-line magazine ''The Scribe'' and all the Iraqi Jewish community all the best.

Yours faithfully,

Khalid Al-lzzi
An ordinary Iraqi












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