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What the Jews chose to take with them when they left Iraq

When the Jews left Baghdad in the 1950's they sold everything at giveaway prices, and many of them just took their hawan weighing 10 kilos with them, to beat the Friday meat and rice Kubbah. Of course nowadays this can be done in a blender in five minutes.
As for Dr. Naim Dangler he left all his properties behind but took with him 1 kafkir and a few musical recordings, for your benefit!

Jamal Atawi replies:

When The Babylonian Jews left Iraq, they left all their properties: Gold, Money, Houses, Buildings, Lands, Factories, Cars. They just left everything. The most important thing that they left was the unrewarded precious love that they planted here in our conscience.

I staged my musical researches from the time they came over here in Iraq. They were here before 2709 years and more....All the great Iraqi habits, attitudes, and most of the Iraqi Art, Music, Architecture, Religion, was made by them, we owe them a lot.
What I was doing before long years is to pay them back.... as my father had taught me.

My father was a great man. He was a famous Linguistic. He was side by side with Dr. Mustafa Jawad and Sheikh Jalal Al - Hanafi.
When my father passed a way, the late Sheikh Jalal Al- Hanafi said: now I became an orphan. And he meant a sentence of praise.
My father had a Scholar Council for poets (as he was one of them), was established since 1940 in Baghdad and they called it Tuesday Council.

Most of the great poets, linguists were attended there in our house. Makki Al - Sayied Jasim (My father) was a famous name among the Arabic Libraries, Poets, Writers and Authors. He also established the first school of music and ballet in the Middle East (Madrasat Al-Mosiqa Wal Baleh) in Baghdad and assigned Mr. Aziz Ali the famous musician and singer to be the headmaster in 1968.

My late father was opening a wide world for me to know how much the Iraqi Babylonian Jews were great. I am teaching my sons (Samer & Lulu) the Shbahoth songs of all the records that Dr. Naim sent, Dr. Sera Manasseh, and Mr. Eli Sawdayee, (Mr. Maurice Shohet had sent me a copy of Mr. Kojaman's book with two CD's of Iraq maqaam too). It was done by great people like Hagguli Shummel Darzi. (My father was calling me Hagguli as I was singing all the time). Yesrael Muallem Sason, Salim Dawood Kordi, Yeshaaq Marroudi and others...

My junior son Lulu who plays on Qanoon is having practices nowadays on Maqaam Segah for Salim Shibbath.

Thank you for your fabulous words which leaded me to this.

Warmest regards,

Jamal Al-Atawi
Iraqi Salaam and Babylonian Jewish Traditional musicologists






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