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Dear Mr. Dangoor,

Let me introduce myself, My name is Jamal Al- Atawi, I am an Iraqi song- composer, I play on Ud and TRUMPET as well. Also I can represent myself as a junior Music Theorist, specialized in the Iraqi Jewish Music and Songs.
In all my years of searching and surveying, I was looking for Shabahoth - Iraqi Jewish songs, Done by Hagguli Shummel Darzi, Selim Daoud, Yishaq Maroudy, Shlomo Mouallim and the Israelite Choir.
Here in Iraq, we don't use credit cards in common or in the local and the international Banks, for the bad circumstances we are facing nowadays.
Can't your cousin, the Iraqi have the records of those legendary singers and gain a big step in my processing throughout my researching!
I wish i can pay all the money I got, just to let my kids whom there are musicians too, (they played UD and QANOUN) to recall the songs done by those great Iraqi Jewish singers. like Shir Hashirim, and Yom yom Oodeh. the ones I collected from a Makam Singer, Taha Ghareeb, he gave me those songs and others recorded from our great broadcast Qol Yisrael, but unfortunately damaged by a piece of magnet in an accident.
I hope this conversation will make something.

Warmest regards.

Respectively yours.


The Scribe:

Give us a list of the Shabahoth you want and we will sing them for you.

The Scribe


Dear Sir,

Thank you for the compliment, I received the Tape you've sent.....Very appreciate it.
The best that i got, is your gift.You really made me happy, i'll use these songs im my searches.

Thank you again.

Kind regards.













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