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The Rt Hon The Lord Janner
The Holocaust Educational Trust

The Queen's speech promises a new legislation against discrimination on the grounds of religion, etc. In the past, when Jews asked for similar legislation, we were told that religion (meaning the Jewish religion) is fair game for discussion and debate, and not entitled to protection. Now that legislation is being introduced for Moslems, I wish to make the following points:

1. Protection of Muslims from discrimination should also mean protecting the rest of us from Islamic attacks.
2. The Christian and Moslem Scriptures contain explicit and vicious attacks on Jews. The new legislation should make it clear that any such attacks do not get immunity just because it is a part of Scriptures. If it runs foul of the new legislation it should not be broadcast or reproduced or used in sermons.



Thank you very much for your interesting letter. I will not only take your views into account myself but pass them on to colleagues.

With best wishes,

Lord Janner













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