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Dear Sir,

My name is Adam Clarke and I am a full-time student, studying a BA Philosophy and English literature degree at The University of Reading. I am writing to thank you for the help I have received through the Dangoor scholarship I was given.
The financial help that the scholarship has given me has been of incalculable help. I have been able to buy books for my studies that I would have struggled to purchase without the scholarship. The money substantially contributed to my placing of a deposit on a house (with three other students), which has enabled me to secure a residence for the next academic year. Having not found any part-time employment in the autumn or spring terms I strongly doubt this would have been possible without the help of the scholarship.
At this time I have no certain career aspirations; however, I do write frequently, mostly in script and verse, and I would very much hope to have a career in a related field. I have written two short plays, both comedies, and I am also expanding on my latter play and I plan to write twelve episodes in the year, in my spare time.
A further love of mine is reading, as you calf imagine front my choice of degree, and my favorite subjects are history and philosophy. My favorite English historical period is the late Anglo-Saxon age. My friends joke that I should have taken history as a degree instead of Philosophy and English. However, my enjoyment of debate means that I am in my element in a philosophical discussion. At the moment I am studying Descartes and the principles of his Meditations, which I am finding very intellectually stimulating and enjoyable.
Having taken the time to read about your life I certainly believe that you are someone to aspire to. You have worked hard all of your life and had to leave your home-land with your family to start afresh and have had much success. Sir, I believe that you have great generosity and that you are a credit to Britain's multi-cultural society.
Once again, I thank you for helping me at the beginning of my higher education, and, hopefully, on the path to success. I wish you good health and greater success for the future.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Adam Clarke




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