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To The Three Faiths Forum

Thank you for your congratulations on my OBE.

The honor belongs to the whole community.

You called your organization 'The Three Faiths Forum'. Three Faiths? What Three Faiths? I asked the Rabbi, "Do the Christians worship the same God that we worship?" "Yes!" he said "And Moslims?" I asked, to which he replied "Likewise"

We are in fact one faith, worshipping the One True God, with three denominations and hundreds of sub-divisions. In their enthusiasm, some followers have erroneously given supernatural attributes to their leaders but I like to ignore all these and take the lowest common denominator by calling all these leaders "God's Missionaries". All the followers of the One True God should be regarded and treated as equal in every way.

Monotheism started with Adam some 8,000 years ago. At the end of the last Ice Age someone (let us call him Adam) who lived in Eden (in Aden where else?) discovered the wild wheat and invented agriculture which was the start of our present civilization. His descendents fanned out in 2 directions, one northwards towards Canaan which ended with Malkhisedek, King of Salem (Jerusalem) and Priest of EI Elion, and the other direction was around the Arabian coastline towards Mesopotamia where Abraham lived and then traveled to Canaan to meet Malkiisedek. Abraham attained a letter of introduction to meet Pharaoh to try to convert him to worship The One True God. He failed. The rest is written history.

I consider Adam, Noah, Abar, Abraham, Malkhisedek, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed as God's missionaries, who promoted the knowledge of god to mankind.

Kind regards.

Yours sincerely

Naim Dangoor

Naim Dangoor:


To carry the above idea a step further we should start a new organization to be called THE ONE FAITH FORUM to highlight the unity of all the tree faiths and to downgrade all the differences between them.
It is said that if you receive an unwelcome message- "don't shoot the messenger". Likewise I say, if a new leader promotes a new religious movement- don't worship the missionary. We take only the common denominator of all missionaries and leave the exaggeration in their status to the imagination and belief of their respective followers. Robert Dangoor puts it all in a nutshell. He says "god unites, religion divides", and therefore the trouble is with religion that tends to divide instead of uniting.

The Three Faiths Forum explained:

The heading "Three Faiths Forum'' is primarily shorthand for putting on record that we promote trialogue between Muslims, Christians and Jews, who although warship one god, do so in different ways. All three faiths recognise Abraham, Moses and other Jewish prophets. Christians in addition recognise Jesus as the messiah and Islam recognise the Jewish prophets and Jesus as a prophet rather than the messiah and Mohammad as the last prophet. Nevertheless, as you rightly say, the three Abrahamic Monotheistic faiths have much in common and that is why we promote trialogue between Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Sidney L Shipton OBE




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