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Mr. and Mrs. Naim Dangoor have done great work for the benefit of the Jewish communities not only in Britain but also in Israel and all over the world. His ''Scribe'' not only preserved the history of the Jews in Iraq and from Iraq, and saved many documents and memoirs written by eminent Jewish writers and scholars, but has and is serving as an example to all the Jewish Communities from Iraq. They have learned how they can serve their community and establish journals which record their history and activities. Mr. & Mrs. Dangoor deserve all our appreciation, respect and praise for their valuable activities and their generosity. Please convey the regards of the Members of the association of Jewish Academics from Iraq and the members of the Academic Council at the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center for Research and Museum.
Looking forward to hear from Mr. Dangoor's reply to my suggestion to his Scholarship Projects to Bar-flan and the Hebrew University.

Shmuel Moreh




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