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To Our Dear Friend
Mr. Naim Dangoon

This package contains a recording of the Torah, the "Neviim" and the "ketuvitm" a recording of the Prayers of the "Yamim Noraiim" and the "Haggada" of Passover all were recorded by Rabbi Avraham Moshe Paniri. So also, there is a computer disc on a unique, complete, exact modern reading approach a 20 year voluntary project. We simultaneously run a voluntary exact modern reading program for adults.

As previously mentioned, we are running a special Yeshiva for young men, ages 13 - 17, providing intensive Talmud and related studies, with a complete knowledge of mathematics, physics and related subjects. This assures thoroughly orthodox young men who can honorly support themselves, as our forefathers did. This was the explicit opinion of the great Rabbi Shimon Agassi, of Bleesed Memory. Our students receive weekly lessons on the torah and the Prophetic Works in the spirit of the above recordings with extra intensive aspects. An elementary Talmud Torah school (ages 5 - 13) in Jerusalem has adopted the spirit of the above recordings after we trained them.

We firmly request not to put any of our material on the Internet. We request not to copy or distribute copies of our material .We hold all publishing rights to this material to assure it will only be used in a proper religious atmosphere, which internet can not guarantee.

I assume you, His Honor, know many Jews both within and outside of England who should be made aware of our program and its aims. We can supply our material to anyone interested in it.

Each CD costs 3 Pounds Sterling, and 14 discs are 42 Pounds Sterling (including sending costs). I do not profit personally from these sales, and the money is directly put back into our educational project to further Torah study. Any payments can be forwarded to me with a Bank Check.
As already mention, I would be more than happy to meet you here in Israel so you can see our program first hand.

By the way, many thanks for the Family Tree of the Sadka family. My father and mother's grandparents were of the Sadka family. The father of my father's grandmother was the great Rabbi Moshe Sadka, the son of Rabbi Rephael Shalom Sadka, the son of Rabbi Shemual Sadka, the son of the Rabbi Moshe Sadka, the son of Khacham Sadka Khussin who was the Head Rabbi of Babylon for the last 300 years. The Family Tree you publicized of our family ended with Rabbis Moshe, Sallakh and Ya'acov, without continuation, but I can fill in more details, if you are interested.

I wish you all the bests

Ezra Yekhezkel Ezra dash

5 Hakhida st., Jerusalem, Israel.





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