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Pashtoons are Hebrew Muslims. Pashtoon itself is derived from Aramaic and not Hebrew. Why?
The State of Judea didn't speak Hebrew but Aramaic when they were occupied by the Assyrians. Thus the 10 Lost Tribes didn't speak Hebrew but spoke Aramaic.
Aramaic was an international language at that time like English today. It was spoken from Judea to the Indian subcontinent. I don't know much Aramaic but I tried to look it up and compare it to my language Pashtoo.


Aramaic Pashtoo English
Baidag Bairag Flag
Hassanay Hassana Easy
Doorwasa Doorwasa Door/gate
Waakhshee Washee Savage
Khoyaada Khuday oneness (name of God)
Chaaraa Chaaraa Solution/Remedy
Aashig Ashoq Passion or love
Qoowat Qoowat Strength

Also the word dooranee exists. dooranee means mountain like the dooranee Pashtoons from the mountains.




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