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I have read of the scholarships that have been endowed by the Dangoor family, and whilst I appreciate that they are distributed in an equitable manner, would ask that certain considerations be applied.

Mr. Dangoor has been quoted as saying:
"Nowadays we only hear of the Palestinian problem and the various attempts to solve it at Israel's expense."

which is a perceptive and true comment.

However, a British professor has refused a request to write an article for an academic journal funded by Israeli universities. Professor Richard Seaford, from the University of Exeter in England, refused to write the article, saying he was taking part in an academic boycott of Israel, ''in the face of the brutal and illegal expansionism and the slow-motion ethnic cleansing being practiced by your government ''

Mr. Dangoor, having been a refugee from an Arab country, having lost far more than any ''Palestinian'' refugee, and yet having received British hospitality and the opportunity to rebuild his life, is an example of authentic Judaism, as exemplified by his being a significant donor through the 1994 Group to the University of Exeter, where this anti-Semite Seaford is a Professor.

I appreciate that not all criticism of Israel means anti-Semitism, but this ignorant Professor is not aware of the true situation, and as with many others in the British establishment, is too lazy to bother establishing what the truth is, and that is as a result of a latent anti-Semitism.
It is easier for them to criticise Israel than to learn the true facts.

Whilst I am not suggesting that Mr. Dangoor make his donations dependent on not criticising Israel, I would ask that an effort be made to educate British acacademias to the true facts of the Arab- Israeli/Jewish conflict, which Mr. Dangoor has experienced first hand.

Sam Berkovits

A link to an article in Ha'aretz news paper following the incident





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