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Dangoor Connections

Dear Naim,
I would like to wish you and all your family Happy New Year, good health and prosperity.
I am taking this occasion, and also at Ilana's request, to clarify the relation between our families:

Your Father's uncle, Yeheskel Barukh, is the husband of my mother's aunt- who is the niece of Rabi Yeheskel Halewy (Bet Din in Baghdad). The later is also my grandmother's (Farha) uncle.
Yosef- the son of Yeheskel Dangoor is my aunt's (Salha) husband, whose son, Yizhak, was killed in the Farhoud.

I hope that this information will answer your question.

Best regards to all of you
Sencirly yours,

Mary Avissar
(Ilana's mother)













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