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Dear Mr. Dangoor,

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to you for the generous scholarship I have been awarded.

I have been waiting to go to University for over 10 years and can still hardly believe that I am finally a Psychology student. Apart from feeling a little old sometimes, I am thoroughly enjoying it. This degree will require a lot of effort and dedication, four years is a very long time to study, however to become a Psychologist will not only allow me to reach my personal goal, it will teach my 3 children that nothing is impossible if you work hard enough to attain it.

I have been able to buy all the reading material needed for the Psychology and Philosophy modules. It would not have been possible for me to buy all these various books had it not been for the Dangoor scholarship. I have to say that looking at all the books is quite frightening. I now also have the internet at home which had made a huge difference to my studies.

I am still finding my feet regarding my timetable and all the different buildings there are to find on such a large campus, but I'm sure that by the spring term I will have fully settled in. I'm just pleased to be studying on such a lovely campus.

Thank you once again Mr. Dangoor for your generosity.

Juanita Harfitt





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