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Dear friends,

I'd like to inform you that The Iraqi Music Directorate is going to operate

Al-Ghubbanchi First International Festival, In Sulaymania, North Iraq (The location was chosen for security reason) where hundreds of Theorists, Musicians, and Iraqi Makkam Pioneers would be attended there. It will be from 24-27 Tishri 2005.

The Iraqi Music Directorate had chosen me, (with some others), as Theorist of Iraqi Makkam and Eastern Music, and I will have a speech represented in a theory regarding the late Ustath Ghubbanchi, and the Iraqi Makkam from 20'es to 50'es.

I and most of the Iraqi theorists, musicians, pioneers, and people who are interested in Makkam and this festival, will have a great honour and a great pleasure if you come to Iraq and join us in this festival.

This country would be honoured, and would be very grateful for your coming , We know you as great people who served this country long time ago, along with your fathers, great fathers and all the great Iraqi Babylonian Jews as well.















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