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'Understanding the Aleph Beis'

With much gratitude to Hashem, I am pleased to have completed compiling a comprehensive Book entitled 'Understanding the Aleph Beis'. This began with a series of weekly articles that appeared in the Jewish newspapers, in both English and German.
From the encouraging feedback received from their readership, I continued to research this fascinating topic further, and expanded each subject matter, culminating into a complete book, of approximately two hundred and seventy pages. The letters of the Aleph Beis are the building blocks of Creation, and their deeper understanding, will enhance our knowledge of all aspects of the Torah and its commandments.
This Book is divided into five sections. The initial one, deals with the ten most common alphabetic structures and their different uses. It also includes a section on the significantly of the large and small letters that are found in Tenach, and the lessons that are derived from them.
The second section deals at length with different types of numerical values, and the simple and composite structure of the letters. The concept of Misper Koton - the sum of the digits - is discussed at length, together with the significance of acronyms. Filaments and hidden elements, factorial values and the multiplication factor for each of the letters of the alphabet, are explained in great detail.
In the third section, I have elaborated on the order that the letters appear in the alphabet, and its revelation to the concept of nuclear fusion and fission. A section is allocated to mathematical squares and number patterns and how they reveal the molecular structure of the DNA molecule.
The fourth section deals specifically with each individual letter, discussing their salient features. Included in this section, is an explanation on the 'Inverted Letter Nun', that appears in the Book of Bamidbor and Tehillim.
The final section is reserved for an elaboration of the meaning of each of the vowels, and an insight into the use of 'Crowns' to adorn some of the letters of the Aleph Beis.
I am therefore, approaching you to offer a unique opportunity to share and participate in this classic project through their financial support, to help offset the cost of publication.


Naim Dangoor:

Any Book on the Alfa Beit should state that it was a Jewish invention, around the time of Abraham. It was possibly invented by Abraham himself during his visit to Egypt and his meeting with the Pharaoh Circa 1900 BCE.
If your book deals with this point I would order 20 copies.


The Aleph Beis is of Divine origin, taught to Adam and passed down to Noach and Avraham. The Sefer Yetzirah was compiled by Avrohom.

Awaiting your reply and thanks for your interest













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