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From the Ambassador of Israel
Thank you for your letter and for forwarding your correspondence with the Foreign Office. We are indeed in troubled times and we are most appreciative of the efforts of individuals such as yourself who fight for Israel’s cause. more

Letter from David Cohen
In Israel, the late Dr Mansour Nourallah, who was attached to the Histadruth Organisation, followed his father’s tradition. He was highly esteemed and loved by the Iraqi community, who used to attend to him for medical treatment. more

Who was behind the Holocaust?
I read The Scribe occasionally, after having come across it on the Internet. I usually find it to be insightful. In this issue, however, you make a claim that seems very extreme. more

E-mail from Amira Bernstein
I have been coming to London every couple of years, working for Chemical Abstracts Service. I have been visiting Samir and Gracy Tricot and Latif and Samira Balass. I love seeing my classmates from Frank Iny, Sabah Gabbay, Emil Cohen, Eli Timman, etc. more

Sixty Generations Roots to Babylon
I found the article mentioned in the subject line on-line at your web site. I share this same genealogy, down to generation 28, Raymond V Berenger; from there I am descended from all three of Sancha's sisters. more

Letter from Michael Paysden
I am Jewish but not Iraqi, although I have been very influenced by “input" from certain Iraqi & Iranian sources and would like to deepen my understanding of Iraqi tradition, especially with a view to following it myself, so far as I am able. Is there anywhere I might obtain tapes (especially of davening, etc) or any other useful material? more

Buddhist Statues
I always enjoy The Scribe, however, I do not think your comments on the destruction of the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan are helpful. I do not think that simply because the statues 'offend the followers of monotheism' they deserve to be destroyed. more

The Custom of Tashlich
I recently was in Bombay for the high holidays last year. I have a question regarding the practice of Tashlich for the Baghdadi community there. more

Update of the Dangoor Family Tree
I was very pleased to see the Dangoor family tree, and I am certain it was a tremendous project to complete. While reviewing the family tree I noticed that only my uncle Shaul was noted as a descendant of Haron. more

Racism in Durban
I fully agree with you that we are now “an endangered species”. The depression which my delegation had at the UN Conference against Racism in Durban was beyond belief. more

Calcutta Synagogues
Last week I toured Magen David and Beth El in Calcutta. It was hard to find caretakers but finally (in both cases) I was able to have a tour. more

Jerusalem – Al Kuds
Mr Arafat and other Palestinian officials deny a Jewish relationship to Jerusalem. That is contrary to the facts. more

Questions about the Exilarchs
Tracing the Davidic Dynasty. more

Adam as the First Man of Civilisation
Thank you so much for sharing with me your thoughts about Adam. Your ideas make a coherent and convincing story that accords reasonably well with the scientific evidence. If I understood you correctly, it all started about 10,000 years ago, when men migrated from Africa to Aden. more

Britain and the Holocaust
You have provided in page 11 of issue 74, “Was Britain Actively Involved in the Holocaust?” An introduction to the complexity of the affiars of the British Government with some of your remarks regarding the Holocaust. more

Yizkor Books
The Yizkor books, memorial volumes of great relevance to Holocaust studies, have been the subject of a bibliography which has taken several years to compile. more

Corrida in Baghdad!
Every Summer Spanish cities put up a strange kind of sport called Corrida in which a large number of bulls are let loose in the streets chasing a large crowd of young men running before them. more

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