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The Differing Fates of Jewish and Arab Refugees
After the establishment of Israel, many Palestinian Arabs fled mainly on the advice of Arab governments. But while Israel absorbed its refugees after many years of hardship in transit camps, the Arabs deliberately left theirs unsettled. more

Ethnic Cleansing
The Arab delegates to the Durban UN conference who accuse Israel of ethnic cleansing should have been asked why no Jews remain in Arabia – one-time home to prominent and numerous Jewish tribes? more

The Arabs have forfeited their right to lead the Middle East
PAX ISRAELITA - After eighty years of failed Arab attempts to destroy her, Israel is now entitled to impose her own solution for the problems of the whole region. more

Pax Israelita
In recent weeks, Middle East politics have been shifting like the quicksand of the desert. Saddam now fancies himself as an Arab and Moslem messiah - a latter-day Nebuchadnezzar - and dreams of standing at the gates of Jerusalem to lead the Jewish people (God forbid) into another captivity in his rebuilt Babylon, as did the other Nebu. 2,558 years ago. more

Mid-east Confederation Needed
The only effective way to avoid breaking up Iraq into three parts once Saddam Hussein has been neutralised or defeated is to create a Middle East confederation which would include that country with Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and Israel. more

The Root of Evil in the Middle East
The cause of the recent spate of terrorism was neither Islam nor Israel. The cause is the surplus oil wealth that finds its way, willy-nilly, into the hands of adventurers (Nasser, Saddam, Arafat, Farrakhan or Bin-Laden) bent on conquest. more

Future of Iraq
Peace with the Palestinians must be global – not only Syria and Lebanon should be included, as Secretary Colin Powell indicated, but also Iraq. more

A Regional Solution to the Middle East
The Middle East requires a regional solution. Prime Minister Sharon cannot proceed from where Ehud Barak left off, as Robin Cook vainly wishes, according to his statement on Radio 4. more

A Solution for the Middle East?
A friend of mine has reminded me of a letter I had sent to the American Ambassador in London in March 1991. On the eve of the Arab summit in Beirut, conditions are still so much the same that I offer my formula as a practical solution to the endemic Middle East problems, solving the Palestinian and the Iraqi problem together in one go. more

From our Archives - The Rights of Jewish Refugees
une 1975 – I have been reading with great interest reports of the convention which you recently held to launch the campaign for the rights and claims of Jewish refugees from Arab countries. I have always stressed that Jewish rights in the Middle East are not confined to Israel or to Palestine and that we have vested rights and interests in most of the so-called “Arab” countries. more

The Crisis in Kashmir
Kashmir, or the state of Jammu and Kashmir to give it its full title, has been a flashpoint between India and Pakistan since Partition in 1947, when British India was divided into two states, one of which – Pakistan – was created to provide a home for India’s Muslim population. more

Some Arabs have to go
Our future relations with Arabs is one of disengagement rather than integration. Some Arabs have to go, so that we can establish good relations with them at arm’s length. more

Should marriage be abolished?!
The Bible tells us 'Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh'. This is the ideal arrangement that is followed even by some birds and animals. A lifelong relationship with their spouses. But in the real world things have been different. more

Comments by the Editor
September 11; The Babylonian Captivity as an example; Let’s be more Palestinian; Palestinian Refugees. more

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