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Istanbul is the only city in the world that is situated astride two continents. Modern historians believe that one of the main floods of Antiquity took place in the basin of the Black Sea when it was a lake and its water level considerably lower than that of the Mediterranean. more

Rivers of Babylon
I mentioned in previous articles the close attachment of Iraqi Jews to their ancient homeland, and as I mentioned in a recent lecture, this loyalty and nostalgia that they have for Iraq is due to the fact that Iraq and not Palestine is the historic birthplace of the Jewish people. more

Interest-free Monetary System
If Labour has achieved success by building on Conservative foundations, the Tory Party would do well to consider some radical ideas to outdo what might become a stagnant Labour ideology. A case in point is my idea of an interest-free monetary system that could become the "in" thing for the 21st century. more

Lending without Interest
Here in brief are some ideas from my paper: This article describes a dream, which is inspired by the words: “If thou lend money to My people, even to the poor with thee, thou shalt not be to him as a creditor; neither shall ye lay upon him interest.” more

Ketchri – A love story between the rice and the lentils
Every Wednesday at two o’clock I go down, and search in the stock I look for red lentils and rice To make a meal that will be nice. more

The Talibans
I found the apparent connection to the Jewish people most interesting. Twelve million people divided into 60 tribes and sub-tribes. A book by the late President Ben Zvi and the research of Rabbi Avichail shed interesting light on this subject. more

A Universal Symbol for the Red Cross
The International committee of the Red Cross recognises the associated services only of the Red Cross, the Red Crescent and the Rising Sun, but has been unable to sanction the Israeli service of the Star of David because of members’ opposition. more

Rabbi Zimbartoot
I thank The Scribe for bringing into my mind the name of Hakham “Zimbartoot”. Regarding the statement, attributed to him, if perused to a reader of the present, he would hardly believe that an offensive statement of the kind could be uttered by a Rabbi at any time and at any place. more

Secularism and Jewish Survival
At a recent Conference on the Balance of National Strength and Security, Professor Moshe Kaveh made a passionate plea for recognition of the legitimacy of secular Jewishness and called on secular Jews to reclaim their Jewish identity. more

From our Archive - Great Rabbi
August 1974 – Mr Yigal Allon, the Israeli Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister, has written an exceptionally warm letter about “Dispersion and Liberation”, a book published by the Gedula Synagogue Committee, Ramle, Israel, and edited by Abraham Twena in memory of a famous Chief Rabbi of Iraq, Rabbi Ezra Dangoor. more

Benjamin Ben-Eliezer
Born in Iraq, Benjamin Ben-Eliezer made aliyah in 1950 at the age of 13. As a young man he lived on Kibbutz Merhavia in the Jezriel Valley. more

Wedding Anniversaries
The wedding having taken place we have anniversaries to celebrate. more

Ambulances for Israel
From its single ambulance in 1930, MDA now has a fleet of over 700 modern lifesaving vehicles serving the whole of Israel. Most of the ambulances are attached to MDA First Aid Stations with other stationed in villages, kibbutzim, major public places and isolated border settlements. more

The Dangoor River
At a recent visit to Chad by Colonel Qadhafi, he discussed with Chad’s President Idris Daby the need for closer co-operation between the two countries and for achieving the unity of the whole African continent. more

Nobel Winners
As the number of Nobel Prize winners shows, the Arab world should spend a little more time on education, and less time on blaming the Jews for all their problems. more

Breaking the Cup at a Wedding
What is the source for the Hathan (bridegroom) breaking the cup after the marriage ceremony, by throwing it against a wall? more

Biblical Semantics
To Professor Raphael Loewe: I am writing for your help to correct a mistake in the Bible, or rather to cancel an erroneous correction. In Psalm 127 we read … more

The Jealousy of God
The three monotheistic religions are in bitter conflict. Jasper Griffin wonders whether the ancients were not wiser with their polytheism. more

Impressions of Zionist Congress 2002
Having just returned after attending the 34th World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem earlier in June, I have three main impressions of it. more

Israel Satellite Station
Congratulations to Israel television for the new satellite station which started on 25 June 2002. Whilst the programmes can do with a little improvement, the idea of an Israeli voice on the waves is wonderful. more

To Carole Basri
I recently played the tape which you kindly gave me about the Jewish community of Baghdad. It was certainly most interesting and I wish to congratulate you on your effort. more

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