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Impressions of Zionist Congress 2002

by Percy S Gourgey, MBE

Having just returned after attending the 34th World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem earlier in June, I have three main impressions of it.

Firstly, while the substance of the debates and discussions at the various sessions were thought-provoking, their organisations left something to be desired. Secondly, the main speakers from the Executive and the Government did not appear to grasp the true nature of the hostility facing Israel at this most critical phase of her history. While the extremist Muslims – there are moderates who fear to make their influence felt – engage in acts of terror, including the ghastly suicide bombing, they are motivated by making Islam the dominant religion in the world because they believe it is superior to all others, especially the preceding monotheistic religions of Judaism and Christianity.

Hence it is not only Israel that is being attacked, but in Kashmir Pakistanis attack Indians, in the Philippines which is a Christian country, the Muslims in the south want a break-away state, in Indonesia, East Timor, Nigeria, Sudan and elsewhere, Muslims attack Christians. Arafat started the age of terrorism in 1968 in hijacking an El Al plane to Switzerland, followed in 1969 by the IRA, the Baader-Meinhof gang in Germany and others. Thus terrorism must be fought not only on the military front, but also in the ideological and educational spheres in this era of globalisation.

The third impression I have is most positive, when we went to Ben-Gurion airport to greet new olim from Russia, Ukraine and Argentina and we felt that this was what Zionism and Israel are really about – wholly inspiring. I am pleased to say my remarks were applauded by Congress delegates. I was honoured by the World Zionist Organisation as an Honorary Fellow for my services to the cause, and also by the World Labour Zionist Movement.



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