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The Talibans

from Elchanan Pels, Jerusalem

I saw an article about the Taliban in the Israeli weekly Mekor Rishon 12.10.2001.

I found the apparent connection to the Jewish people most interesting. Twelve million people divided into 60 tribes and sub-tribes. A book by the late President Ben Zvi and the research of Rabbi Avichail shed interesting light on this subject.

Many use the name Israel. Some of the tribes call themselves Efraim (Ha’afridi), Reuven (Rabani), Asher (Ashri), etc. They grow sidelocks (in Kedusha) – have a talit with fringe they use for prayer, Brit Mila on the eighth day – Mikve for women of Nida, "Yibum", Chuppa, Shabbat is called AL HAFTA = Holy Day. They light candles on Friday evening, drink wine (forbidden by Islam), on Shabbat they don’t work or cook..........They have Yovel (50 years). They say "we were Jews – when Moshiach comes we shall return to the Holy Land and be Jews."



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