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The Dangoor River

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At a recent visit to Chad by Colonel Qadhafi, he discussed with Chad’s President Idris Daby the need for closer co-operation between the two countries and for achieving the unity of the whole African continent. Qadhafi said, Chad has a great potential for the production of oil, in addition to that Chad is a fertile land and includes water. We are going to establish a project on the Dangoor River which came from Central Africa to the Sharry River to connect the two rivers together for a distance of 50 km. In this the pipes of the Great man-made River in the Great Jamahiriya will be used in order to allow the water to reach to the Chad Lake, which is required in order to change its water to avoid any damage to it.

We offered the establishment of a strategic project between the two peoples of Libya and Chad in Lake Chad. Both Libyans and Chadians have the right to travel freely and to possess property and work without any obstacle in both states.






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