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A Universal Symbol for the Red Cross

The International committee of the Red Cross recognises the associated services only of the Red Cross, the Red Crescent and the Rising Sun, but has been unable to sanction the Israeli service of the Star of David because of members’ opposition. They have however stated that an attempt is being made to introduce a single International symbol for all the countries of the world, in which case there would be no need to have a separate Star of David.

On the above basis we think that the ideal symbol would be a 7-pointed Star of Adam with the view of the Northern Hemisphere occupying the centre. This view of the world is in fact the Emblem of the United Nations Organisations. The 7-pointed Star of Adam which represents the seven days of Creation as stated in the Bible, also represents the seven day week which was introduced at the dawn of our civilisation and which has become universally accepted by all mankind as the ideal division of the year. Although there are different calendars for the months and the year, the seven day week remains unchallenged and attempts by the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution to change it to ten days or five days never succeeded.

To call it the Star of Adam is appropriate because Adam is considered the inventor of agriculture 9000 years ago and thus the Father of our present civilisation.

Above: The 7-pointed Star of Adam as the proposed Emblem of the International Red Cross

Above: Alternative Possibilities

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