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Wedding Anniversaries

The wedding having taken place
We have anniversaries to celebrate;

The first one being of Cotton -
Is not likely to be forgotten

The second is of Paper -
We must not let gaiety taper

The third of Leather -
May be heavy weather

Fourth, of Wood -
If we only understood

Seventh, Woollen -
Baby’s pullin’

Our tenth is Tin -
Let’s keep off sin

Our twelfth of Silk -
No more mother’s milk

Crystal for our fifteen years -

China after twenty clears -

Our twenty-fifth is Silver bright -

And thirty, Pearl, old age in sight -

In forty years, it is a Ruby -

Fifty, Gold, for all our duty -

Sixty, Diamond glistens brightly -
We do not take this Anniversary lightly

With each and every year gone by
We are made conscious of how time does fly


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