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Comments by the Editor

Those who tell America, in the wake of 11 September events, to ask why it happened, and advise her to revise foreign policy, especially her support for Israel, try not only to justify that act of war but also to require a reward for it.

The Babylonian Captivity as an example

The Russian Orthodox Church is saying that the 70 years of Communist rule was like the Babylonian Captivity. Just as the Jews were delivered because they kept the Sabbath and the Commandment in exile, Russians have been saved because many had stuck to their faith.

From London Jewish News

Let’s be more Palestinian

Israel must now abandon the policy of giving away land in the hope of saving lives, which hasn’t worked, and adopt the Palestinian policy of risking life and limb to save the land. The recent Likud vote not to allow the creation of a Palestinian state is a step in the right direction.

Palestinian Refugees

I recently heard on the Arabic Spectrum that a House of Lords ruling in 1951 said that Palestinian refugees who fled Israel in 1948 can consist only those who were actually living in Israel and left the country. It cannot include their children or spouses. The Arabic lawyer on Spectrum commented that if that was still the legal position then there would be only a small number of Palestinians who can claim to be 1948 refugees. We don’t hear this fact from any other source and we are always made to fear that UN Resolution 194 gives right to 1.5 million Palestinians to claim Right of Return and/or compensation.

The plumber finished his work and presented his bill to the GP who was surprised at the high charge: "with all the time I spent to become a doctor, I don’t dare charge as much as you do".

"I sympathise with you", retorted the plumber. "I was a GP once myself".

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