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The Custom of Tashlich

I recently was in Bombay for the high holidays last year. I have a question regarding the practice of Tashlich for the Baghdadi community there. As I observed, the congregation went to the gateway of India and recited the appropriate prayers, then the Hazan waved a white handkerchief in the air rather than the typical emptying of one's pockets using breadcrumbs. My question is, where does this practice originate? What was the practice back in Baghdad?

I am currently writing an MA thesis on the full High Holidays practices of the Bene Israel and Baghdadi Jews in Bombay, so any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Yale Needel

Reply by Dr Sara Manasseh:

The Scribe has forwarded your query.

From what I understand about the Baghdad tradition in India: our custom is not to throw breadcrumbs as we follow the opinion that we may not feed the fish in the sea on Yom Tob. Many Hassidim are of the same opinion and do not do it either.

Also, I understand that we would simply wave the bottom of the jacket (near the front, where the pockets are) symbolically, but without actually emptying them out.

I have not heard about the custom regarding the handkerchief.

I hope this is helpful.

With very best wishes for the New Year

Dr Sara Manasseh



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