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Britain and the Holocaust

You have provided in page 11 of issue 74, “Was Britain Actively Involved in the Holocaust?” An introduction to the complexity of the affiars of the British Government with some of your remarks regarding the Holocaust.

There is a big wisdom in the saying: “Life must be lived forward, but can be understood backwards”. I would like to mention that in the preface to his World War II Memoirs, Sir Winston Churchill told of a conversation with President Roosevelt in which he was asked to suggest what the war should be called. Churchill replied that it should be called the Unnecessary War, for “there never was a war more easy to stop than that which had wrecked what was left of the world from the previous struggle.”

Edward Yamen

Naim Dangoor writes:

Why then was this Unnecessary War allowed to take place?

As a London University student in the early thirties, I was tormented by wondering why Hitler was allowed to re-arm Germany while the free world was just looking on doing nothing. During that period, Hitler could have been knocked down with a feather, but the allies never bothered to take the opportunity.

My own teenage assessment at the time was that either the Allies wanted to finish off the First World War or that they wanted to give Hitler the opportunity and the cover of war to annihilate the Jews of Europe. The reasons for that was two-fold: the Jews of Eastern Europe were regarded as a communist threat and Britain regarded them also as a Zionist threat to its interests in the Middle East.

In the event, the only outstanding outcome of the Second World War, was the Holocaust.

The recent foolish remarks by Mrs Blair, wife of the Prime Minister demonstrate the deep hatred and hypocrisy of the British establishments towards Israel.


Was Britain actively involved in the Holocaust?

Any information or thoughts on this matter will be greatly appreciated in order to put the record straight.


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