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Dear Editor

Who was behind the Holocaust?

I read The Scribe occasionally, after having come across it on the Internet. I usually find it to be insightful. In this issue, however, you make a claim that seems very extreme:

"I can go further and say that the Second World War was engineered or manoeuvred into being by the oil interest of the West in order to get rid of the Jews of Europe in the mistaken belief that they would thus save the vast oil reserves of the Middle East from falling into the hands of a new Zionist state populated by East European Jews who were regarded as Communist sympathisers. " (page 20, issue 73)

Were you just saying this for effect, or do you actually believe this? Do you really think that the Western nations felt threatened enough by Zionism to a) condone genocide of the European jews and b) host a World War? Do you have any evidence of this, or is it instinct that leads you to make this claim?

I am curious to hear your reactions.

David Sussman


We believe in it and it is not for effect. The evidence is everywhere – the White Paper of 1939 that stopped Jewish emigration to Palestine, the refusal to accept Jewish refugees by all the countries of the world (except Shanghai), the Mufti’s secret double agent intrigues with Hitler, the sinking of refugees trying to reach Palestine, the refusal to bomb the death camps, the delay in opening the second front, Britain’s post-war continuing anti-Jewish policy. If you want to research for more concrete evidence please do so.


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