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Sixty Generations Roots to Babylon

I found the article mentioned in the subject line on-line at your web site ( I share this same genealogy, down to generation 28, Raymond V Berenger; from there I am descended from all three of Sancha's sisters. But Raymond V Berenger, Count of Provence is descended from both of Theuderic-Rabbi Makhir's children, William of Gellone, and his sister Bertha of Autun.

I would be very interested to see a copy of the Babylonian Haggadah you offered to Annessa Lynn Huff. You told her she could find on page 91 the earlier generations of Exilarchs and on page 90 all the previous kings to King David. This is what I would most like to see. A single reference, Royalty for Commoners, lists the lines of the Exilarchs back from Makhir to Jehoiachin (Jeconiah), King of Judah and lists sources for his information. I would like anything that might corroborate the information from that source. Could you also translate the word Haggadah for me please?

Thank you in advance.

Jim Fina
Arizona, USA


Your information has been noted. The word "Haggadah" means narration (of the story of Passover).

If you would like to email your address we can send a copy of the Haggadah, which is priced at $8 including postage.



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