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Questions about the Exilarchs

My name is Brandon Curtis. I was just curious if it would be possible to get a copy of the genealogy of the Exilarchs of Babylon as far back as you have records. I have back to Exilarch Hanini David dating around 590 c.e. My family history is very important to me and I would like to learn more about those that came before me. Any information would be much appreciated. Thank You.

Please send your records beforehand.

Babylonian Exilarchs

I have been researching the Davidic descent of the European Royal Families for many years. Zuckerman claims that Machir is Natronai. However the old Jewish sources say that Machir’s father was the Exilarch Judah. He is also known as Zakkai ben Ahunai. His brother was Gershom ben Judah who was called Girart de Vienne in the chansons. Their sister called Bertrade was the mother of Charlemagne. Their mother Sussannah was known as Blanchefleur.

Athol Bloomer

All this has now been superceded by the modern Exilarch declaring himself as such.

Davidic Dynasty

I am currently in the midst of writing a book in Hebrew on the Dividic dynasty; a panaromic look at the Davidic Kings, the Exilarchs of Babylonia and the Patriarchs of Israel. Any info you have on the subject would be much appreciated.

Yoel Weisberger

The line of Babylonian Exilarchs came to an end in 1270 following the destruction of the Abbassid Empire by the Moguls 12 years earlier. However, the office has been revived 700 years later in 1970 by Naim Dangoor in the new dispersion of Babylonian Jewry.

The office is backed by The Exilarch's Foundation, a charitable establishment, to which Mr Dangoor has endowed £25 million.
Please refer to Issue No. 74 (now in its 31st year) where you will find correspondence between David Hughes, a reader and the Editor, relating to this subject.

After 100 or more generations the genes of David are so diluted that they become universal and meaningless. None of the old family trees claimed today can be said to be authentic without any reasonable doubt.

2nd letter:
The book I am currently working on will focus on the history and genealogy of the House of David beginning with King David until the last of the Judean Kings (Part 1), a look at the Exilarch’s and the Nesiim in Judea (part 2). Finally a look at the the latter day Davidic families. Another section will deal with the gentile royal families who claim Davidic descent such as the British Royal house as well as the Ethiopian Royal family (which claims descent of Menelik, son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba).

I am not trying to represent any particular point of view (other maybe than to show the fulfillment of the Biblical promise that the House of David shall never whither). The book is meant for scholar and layman alike. I am actually currently in touch with Susan Roth who heads an organisation whose purpose is to gather all the descendants of David together I am also in touch with Yosef Dayan, a member of the Davidic Dayan family of Syrian Jewish origin.

About my own Genealogy, I have discovered that my family is descended of Rabbi Jonah Teumim Fraenkel, a renowned Polish Rabbi who was descended of Rashi (who was of the seed of Hillel the Prince). I am also descended of the Bohemian sage Rabbi Lowe the elder who was directly descended of Rav Sherira Gaon who wrote in his famous Igeret that he is of the family of the Exilarchs and of the seed of David. I hope to list my entire genealogy on my website sometime in the near future.

I would appreciate if you can send me any materials that may aid me in my research.

Yoel Weisberger


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