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Letters to the Editor

Thank you for your copy of your correspondence with the BBC. Protests such as yours from individuals are truly necessary and most valuable in our fight against the bias of organisations such as the BBC.

Jo Wagerman OBE
President – The Board of Deputies of British Jews

The correspondence appeared in The Scribe 74, page 13

I salute you on your latest issue 74, and I enjoyed the pointed communication you have sent the BBC regarding their infamous programme. Thank you for your publication.

Fred Chitayat

The Scribe is all that is left of our Iraqi Diaspora.

Sami Sourani

An Israeli to race in Formula One

My name is Aric Lapter. I’m 25 years old, a racing driver from Tel Aviv, Israel. I intend to be the first Israeli racing driver ever to get to Formula One. I would like to invite you to visit my web site:

I was wondering if you could write about me in your journal and in that way helping me to find sponsors for my racing?

Sincerely yours
Aric Lapter

I read the article "Jewish Role in Iraqi Music" in "The Scribe". I am writing for permission to re-publish it in

If you wish to publish some other articles on music in the Musical Confrontations, I’ll be very glad. Naturally I’ll make a link to "The Scribe".

Memo G Schachiner

I am unable to read on-line or download and print the recent issue of "The Scribe". I felt a real loss when you decided to discontinue the printed journal and opted for internet publishing. We spent hours trying to print the last issue and failed miserably but who can really sit in front of the computer screen and read 83 pages? I can understand that the cost of producing and mailing the journal became prohibitive and I, for one, would be very happy to take out a subscription and send in dues. It is well worth it.

You have done a remarkable job at bringing us together through the printed journal. I consider it to have a priceless historical value in the tradition of our oral teachings and relating our unique experiences.

It is also a great source of pride for our Baghdadi Jews who have picked up their lifes’ threads and continue to flourish all over the world. Not to mention a glorious testimony for our community, our schools, our faith, our rituals and customs.

Samira Galler (née Balass)
New York

It is not a matter of printing cost; we have to move with the times.

As well as the internet download, we offer a colour print-out version. The cost of a print-out is £10 or US $20 which includes postage and packing. Cheques should be made payable to "The Exilarch's Foundation" and sent to:

The Scribe
4 Carlos Place

Mr Dangoor feels that the service which The Scribe gave on behalf of the Baghdadi Jews has come to an end. The material has become history and does not need to continue. As far as providing a medium of communication between members of the community worldwide, this can be done much better by means of the internet.

Second letter:
I am delighted to receive my computer print-out of The Scribe. It was like receiving a precious gift. Thank you ever so much for all you do...

Yeteek Eeefee ou La-Yechleek
May God give you strength, protect you and keep you.

Samira Galler (née Balass)

I have downloaded successfully The Scribe issue 74 – it is marvellous. Thank you. I even had it bound.

Maurice Sawdayee Ph.D.

I wish to congratulate you on the last issue of The Scribe, full of information and lots of data.

Mordechai Ben-Porat
Ben-Porat Avenue, Or Yehuda

I greatly appreciate seeing a copy of the Prince’s letter. No doubt the Prince was greatly pleased to be given the green light by the Exilarch.

Sylvia Kedourie

See letter from Prince Charles

By the Waters of Babylon

I am the editor of The Jewish Observer, Los Angeles. I am putting together a small piece on The Jews of Babylon and ran across your website and hence the above-referenced article. Although I cannot offer any financial contribution for its use, our readers, I feel, will be better educated and enlightened as to the history on Babylonian Jews, so with your permission, may our paper use the article?

My deadline is Friday at 2 p.m. It will be used in our Special Report section of the paper, if approved.
In the interim, if you care to visit our website, it is located at:

Thank you.

Liz Reuben
The Jewish Observer, Los Angeles

Scribe: Permission given.

I enjoyed very much the recent historical article about the diary of a Jewish lady who re-visited Baghdad some 100 years ago.

I have been actively writing in the net for several years about the necessity of the return of the 400,000 Iraqi Jews to Iraq from Israel, but I was very disappointed by the directions of your magazine, which still believes that Israel is a good and right thing. Jews in Europe have developed a much better understanding about Israel and its duty in this world. Facts are by now clear to every wise Jew that this project was a trap than a solution, customised by the same non-believers in Christianity, with non-believers in Judaism (Zionists) to serve some post with business set-ups than any religious base. I wish that Iraqi Jews be more aware of the big plot that European Jews started to realise. Many balanced articles were written about the 1941 Farhood. Closing eyes on those and stopping right at any event without giving it a second thought is very disappointing.

I do not see why should you mix between Israel and Iraqi Jews. Israel is currently 60% non-Jewish by population. Iraqi Jews are simply Iraqis.


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