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The articles in this issue have been divided upinto the following categories






- A letter from Mr. David Somekh regarding Rabbi Abdulla Abraham Somekh more

- About returning Jewish property, stolen by the Iraqi government and compensation for imposed taxes and humiliation visited upon the Jewish community more

- A letter concerning a grant for Iraqi music studies more

- Jews in Egypt and Anti-Semitism, in response to correspondence from issue no.76 more

- A photo of Jewish law students taken in 1924 more

- A letter from a Pathan about the relation between Jews and Pathans more

- A letter from the Chief Rabbi to Mr. Naim Dangoor more

- The history of The Sassoon Yehuda Synagogue in Australia, written by Nita Tiffaha Jawary more

- A letter concerning the connection between Afghans and Jews, the tribes of Benjamin and Judah more

- Conversion to Judaism? A question by a Pathan and responses by Mr Dangoor and Naim S. Mahleb more

- Al Aksa, Jerusalem and Islam. A letter by a Muslim reader more

- Nita Jawary's CD-ROM on Judeo-Babylonian culture and cuisine more

- The Spanish and Portuguese Jews Congregation thanks Mr. Dangoor for his donation to the Synagogue more

- A question concerning the operation of banks in Iraq in the 1950's more

- The Exilarch's Foundation is making a substantial donation to the British Library for the Centre for Conservation Project, as shown in the following letters of appreciation more

- A letter to the Bahai's UK organization about their belief in God more

- Daniel Khazzoom's Memoirs from Iraq more

- M. Dingoor, in search of the Dangoor family tree more

- A new site about the tradition of Iraqi Jews in Tefillot of Yamim Noraim and Piyyutim more

- "I Am Jewish": Personal Reflections Inspired by the Last Words of Daniel Pearl - Update more

- A Muslim reader suggests a correction for a quote brought in this site more

- A thank you letter from a reader who received a book dealing with 'Megilat Cohelet' writen by Mr. Dangoor's grandfather more

- 'Who are the 'true' Jews?' a question by a curious reader and an answer given by The Scribe more

- The second Middle East conference- thoughts of a reader more

- An Ashkenazi reader's feedback to The Scribe more

- My Jewish Purple Finger- A personal story of the Iraqi elections by Readin Dallal, with comments by Mr Dangoor and Mr Mordechai Ben- Porat more

- About the origins of the Twena Family, dating back to syria and a link offering more information more

- A letter from Pakistan about Jewish descendents and Jewish "propaganda" more

- A response to Mr Dangoor's Letter to Jalal Talabani, President of Iraq more

- A correction to the Shlomo David Family tree more



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