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- Recent photos from the rice and lentil program in Jerusalem more

- Prince Phillip presented a scroll to Mr. Naim Dangoor in recognition of his community contributions. more

- Her Majesty the Queen inaugurated the Royal Albert Hall's new building more

- Rush to be dinar millionaires Americans investing in Iraqi dinars, hoping for an increase in value more

- Disturbing turns in pulpits and theses- Christian Zionists proclaim their conviction that the restoration of the Jews to Palestine constituted a divine mandate, a necessary prelude to the Second Coming of the Messiah. the archbishops of Canterbury and York wrote a private letter to the Prime Minister, suggesting a strong opinion against this notion. more

- Jews of Libya Seek Reconciliation & a just partnership between Jews & Arabs- The International Convention of Jews of Libya will hold a major press conference in London on Thursday 21st July more

- An article published in the Montreal Gazette on the 5th of June- The article reviews the book 'I am Jewish: Personal reflections inspired by the last words of Daniel Pearl' more

- Multimillionaire and community leader Edgar bromfman on re assessment of the attitude to inter-marriage more

- The Dangoor Scholarships- Mr Dangoor's £1 million donation to be given as £1,000 scholarships to the 1,000 most talented students in the country more

- Government of Israel's Decision regarding recognition of rights and restitution of Jewish property more

- Protests in Iraq against first-ever weekend break a decision introducing a second weekly day off that coincides with the Jewish Sabbath more

-The sale of the Jewish Iraqi community centre building will benefit its original investors more







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