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The Dangoor Scholarships

The Vice- Chancellor of the University of Sussex, Professor Alasdair Smith,
Is the Chairman of the 1994 Group of universities, of which Sussex is a member. As a result, staff at the University took the lead in discussions with Naim Dangoor and his family to secure a £1 million donation aimed at helping 1,000 students from the 1994 Group through their first year at university.
Mr Dangoor has provided this generous donation to be given as £1,000 scholarships to the most talented students in the country.
He sees the scholarships as offering the opportunity for some of the best students to realize their full potential, and feels that support of this kind can help to transform people's lives and the life of the country. It is Mr Dangoor's hope that his donation will encourage others who can provide similar support.
Naim Dangoor, a 90-year-old multimillionaire Iraqi Jew, came to the UK as a student from Iraq 70 ago to study engineering. Although he returned to Iraq after his studies, Mr Dangoor and his family were forced to return to the UK after the ba'ath party took control of Iraq in the 1960's.
The warm welcome he received as a student and later on when he and his family settled in the UK are the main motivating factors behind his generous gift.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Alasdair smith, welcomed the new scheme. 'This truly generous donation from Naim Dangoor will be of enormous help to talented students contemplating a university education. The 1994 Group is well placed to ensure that this money reaches those students who would most benefit, enabling them to take up places at institutionalism proven excellence in both research and teaching across the UK.'

Education Secretary Charles Clarke (now Home Secretary) with Naim Dangoor at the launch of Dangoor Scholarships

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