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There is no original book for Jews to make sure you know what you're talking about. All your books have been written by people like you. Jerusalem has always been an Arabic city before Islam and became even more Islamic later. It is one of the most important and holiest cities for all Muslims around the world. If you think otherwise or you want to know more, read the Koran carefully and see what it says about Al Aksa and you should understand that Al Aksa is a part of the city you are talking about . This is enough to answer your lie.

The Scribe:

We have read the Koran more than you have. There is no mention of Jerusalem in the Koran. There were no Arabs in Palestine before the Moslem conquest. If today’s Palestinians claim to be the true descendants of the Canaanites, they would be speaking Hebrew today and not Arabic, because Hebrew was the language of Canaan.

The Al Aksa Mosque is not the Dome of the Rock.

Please “get educated” before you send out e-mails to propagate your ignorance.




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