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Dear Naim:

I am writing to inquire if the Exilarch Foundation would be interested in helping finance the editing and publication of my memoirs about my life in Iraq, Israel and the US titled ACROSS THREE WORLDS: In Search of a Homeland - Iraq, Israel, US. For background, I am attaching a brief overview I wrote about my memoirs along with a one-page prologue. I have been working on my memoirs for the last two years . So far I have written a little over eight hundred pages (including pictures) and have about three or four more months worth of work to do before finishing the first round of writing. When the writing is completed, I will send the manuscript to a professional writer/editor to go over the manuscript before submitting it for publication. If you feel my memoirs fall within the scope of the Exilarch Foundation's support, please let me know. I could then proceed to gather estimates of the cost of editing and publishing the book, and would appreciate any support to help defray those costs. Esme Berg of the Sephardi Federation told me that the cost of publishing the memoirs is around $8000. I am still trying to get an estimate of the publicity and editing cost.

Be well.

J. Daniel Khazzoom


Thank you for your e-mail of 20 October. We are interested in learning that you are writing your memoirs.

Whilst we are not in a position to sponsor the publication of your memoirs, we would be quite happy to buy 20 copies of the published book whenever it will be ready.

I hope this will help you find a publisher


Dear Naim:

Thank you for your offer to purchase copies of my memoirs. I will let you know when they are published. Thank you for all you've done, and are still doing, to preserve the heritage of Babylonian Jewry.

Have a Shebbashalom.



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