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I read your article about the ancestors of Pathans. You mentioned that the Pushtuns or Pathans are one of the lost tribes of Israel which I, being a Pathan, believe is true.
But a lot of things you mentioned are quite not true: You mentioned that every household has a Star of David, grows side locks and is circumcised. These are not quite true. We get circumcised within 6 months of birth. Beards are grown because we are Muslims. I believe there are many similarities between Jews and Muslims not Pathans. Physically Pathans are tall and strong built, I don't believe Jewish people are known for their built and height. I think it will come to you a surprise that Talibans are Pathans.
I think Jews think that Islam is against Judaism which is not true, Islam is against Zionism, the proof of that is there are still some Jews living in Kabul Afghanistan. Talibans were known to the western world to be very cruel but they didn't harm those Jews.
For more information about Afghani Jews you can visit this site

I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. I agree our ancestors were Jews but are Bani Israel and my point is that Bani Israel and Jews are not the same thing. Bani Israel don't necessarily belong to the Jewish religion.

Thank you

Zohaib Anwar


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